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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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know about her husband's plan to attack the nightclub pulse in the attack that killed 49 people. his wife can be criminally liable if she knew about it and did nothing about it. whether or not she tried to talk him out of it. and whether she went with him to buy weapons. a memorial to the 49 who died continues to grow outside of orlando outside of orlando regional medical center. christie is live outside of west catholic high school where a vigil has begun in memory of akyra murray. >> reporter: what is right. over the last 20 minutes we see a steady stream of people making their way into the auditorium for this private vigil just for the school community but it was just last week they were celebrating graduating seniors including akyra murray, they are back today and mourning the
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death of the 18-year-old. >> i am wondering all afternoon what to say to the student body. to bring understanding that bad things happen in our world today. >> people are grieving. >> i received a phone call from my daughter, saying mom i have been shot in the arm, help me please. >> akyra murray went to pulse nightclub with her cousin and friend. she is the youngest victim of sunday's mass shooting. >> me and tiara did make it and i feel guilty about that. it's not her death but her life being remembered. the basketball super star was heading to mercy hurst college on a scholarship. she just graduated last week third in her class, so much promise only for her destiny to be unfulfills.
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>> a gifted young lady, refined and bright and incorporated other young people into her life. >> we were celebrating akyra last week. >> and now you are back for this? >> it's sad because nobody plans ongoing on vacation to celebrate a graduation of a child and turn around to bring her home to bury her. >> again, this is a private vigil and grief counselors are available to students all week long. reporting for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with david muir is following developments on both of these stories from orlando and we ask you to stay with us for the latest information at 6:30 tonight. in philadelphia they sounded the all clear a couple of hours ago in the area of the viola energy substation at 26th and christian after an explosion at the site this afternoon. john rawlins is live at the
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scene. >> reporter: hi jim. this is the viola plant it supplies steam to the center city loop. they told us that a boiler blew out here at 3:00 this afternoon. it was remarkable own a minor injury, a terrific concussion was felt and literally broke glass in this house. >> i heard boom and the whole house shook. >> it sounds like the roof was coming in and it was scary, we all ran outside. >> outside there was a large pillar of smoke and debris climbing above the plant. >> i look up a cloud of red smoke like 1,000 bricks brew up. >> there was no fire but one of the plant's main boiler that provides steam to customers mainly in center city blew up. a safety valve system worked and
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relieved the excess pressure. >> yes, yes it did its job. it activated and blew out. unfortunately some windows were blown out but left the tower stabilized. >> reporter: well, the reference to the tower is that there was concern that one of the stacks at the top of this building was somehow unstable but that was not the case, the plant never stopped operating and the workers returned to the plant quickly and the one injury due to flying glass and the cause is still under investigation. live in grays ferry, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" a viewer captured the video when there was an explosion in coatesville. on west lincoln highway, boom, the fire reached two alarmed before the crews got the upper hand and officials say fortunately nobody was injured. we have this reminder to join the action, when you see news
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happening email us your pictures and video to and you can also submit using #6abcaction on social media. tonight the search continues for the gunman that opened fire with a volley of shots last night in wilmington injuring four young people. "action news" reporter walter perez is live near where it happened on van buren street. >> reporter: well jim, the victims range in age from 12 and 16 all survived but each was injured and one of them critically. >> i saw blood. he was in shock and trembling. >> that is darlene van riper of wilmington talking about her 12-year-old grandson, christian williams one of four people caught up in a shooting along van buren street. christian was playing tag with 12-year-old essence, when gun fire erupted.
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>> i was going to go home, he said go, so i went home to my mom. >> essence is now recovering from a gunshot wound to the thigh. >> christian on the other hand was shot twice and remains hospitalized in stable condition. >> we started running he dodged behind a car and i looked back and he was on the ground with gunshots. >> he was in shock. he had gunshot in his leg. >> and he had a gunshot in his side. >> the other two victims are identify only as a 15-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the stomach and leg and the fourth is a 16-year-old shot in the leg and right arm. he remains in stable condition. meanwhile darlene van riper says the only way to describe the shooting is the sign of the time zbrz the violence, the neighborhood has changed. it's changed over the years.
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and the neighborhood was never like this. >> reporter: now investigators are looking into reports that last night's shooting was somehow possibly linked to another shooting previously and local authorities say it was the third shooting in the hedgeville neighborhood in the last week. as for this recent case no suspects and no arrests. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. five people were hurt including a 10-year-old girl when a philadelphia police suv collided with another car at olney. just afternoon today. the police vehicle came close to hitting a church and the officers were responding to a call at the time and the officers and other victims were taken to einstein medical center in stable condition. jury deliberations got underway this afternoon for a corruption trial of philadelphia congressman, chaka fattah, the
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11 term congressman is charged with rick williams tearing and fraud and accused of using federal grants and taking an illegal loan to pay for his failed mayoral campaign. and they are looking at the state's death penalty. it comes after the u.s. supreme court, after florida gave too much power to judges and too much discretion to judges when imposing death sentences, florida and alabama is the only state that can allow judges to override a jury's recommendation of life. all death penalties are on hold in delaware now. coming up a new exhibit at the philadelphia zoo allows some of its smallest residents to roam the grounds like ever before. and a triathlete from south jersey has his sites set on rio. >> the cloud as rived and i'm tracking rain on the way and i
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have more information on when the rain will fall. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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officials symbolcly broke ground at a new playground at chester arthur elementary school in philadelphia. this will be more than just swings and slides, focusing on labs and technology? >> the playground will include sensory roles for children with disabilities. superintendant, william hite on
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hand to introduce the kids to the new program today. a chester county veteran that played a key role in american history was laid to rest today. a concontingent of motorcycles led the procession for jessie thomas. dozens lined the streets holding american flags, this was fitting because tom as was part of the team that raised the flag after the pivotal battle at the end of the world war ii, he die just a day before his 90th birthday. philadelphia's vince papale was among the speakers during the army corps of engineers the sea port museum at penn's landing was a celebration of the work that the core has done throughout the years some of the projects include cleaning the areas rivers and working on construction at ft. dix and dover air force base. you love animal stories, it's mere cats at the
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philadelphia zoo got a chance to check out their new digs. >> reporter: one by one the mere cats popped their heads out of the new many exhibit at the philadelphia zoo. >> giving them things they have never seen or explored. the whole trail is an opportunity for them to dig. >> it allowed the small african carnivores to explore and borough, and lookout towers and high points for creatures famous for standing century. as the mob of mere cats meander, it gives guests a closer look. >> you are inches away it's really, really cool. >> it was like being with them. >> did you feel like a mere cat? >> this setup is a new experience for the visitors and new adventure for the often
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curious mere cats. lured by insects and new activities four of the mere cats have taken to venturing out and others have been lingering in the tower a little more caution in the early day and that is expected to change as they adjust. >> they are really inquisitive and fascinated by new things and easi easily entertained. >> this is lows visitors to gaze at animals as they roam around the zoo. each is designed with a specific animal in mind and the mere cat approach is different than the big cats they started with. >> we thought it was an opportunity to try a different approach and slightly different model of a trail system for smaller animals, so mere cats are the pilot for that. >> new sights and sounds and new terrain awaits. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news."
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phillies back home won it be nice to start to win again? >> they have not scored runs and the pitching has been bad. they lost 18 of their last 21 games. it doesn't get much worse than that. for the third straight game miguel franco is not in the lineup. he is dealing with a sprained leg. they are cautious with their budding star and he doesn't feel the injury is too serious. >> i feel a little bit of pain but like i said today, i will do everything and everything is good. >> it doesn't look like it is anything serious but nonetheless we'll double-check and make sure we don't make mistakes. basketball from 0-2 to now being able to even up the series. the warriors may hold a 3-2
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adventure but the cavs have momentum and the game will be in cleveland. they face a must win situation but they are not backing down. >> my only job is to get this win man. we have a great opportunity to protect home court and go into two of the best wars ever, game six and seven and protect home. it's automatic. >> you can watch game six of the nba finals tomorrow night at 9:00 on 6 abc. for many sports, reaching the olympics is the ultimate goal but getting there is no easy feat, jeff skversky introduces us to a local athlete that took a chance on himself and now it's paying off. >> was not always the top triathlete in the country and now joe malloy will represent his country and south jersey in the olympic games in rio as one of the top triathletes in the
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country. >> it was not about qualifying but being able to compete there and represent my country and family and friends and school. >> malloy started six years ago when he quit his job at the assistant swimming coach at boston college and moved to philadelphia to chase his dream. the olympics, his hard work and drive took over from there. i rep the ideals of our region and work hard and just go for it. >> malloy will go for it and go for gold come august 15th in rio, one of only three american males to complete in the triage lon, an american has never won this event and malloy is determined to be the best. >> i am not the faster runner or biker but i like to feel i can out last the other guides. and at endurance event and who is the last to quit. in that competition i like my
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chances. >> the 30-year-old is nervous but not stopping him from kicking it into gear. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> he looks like a winner we'll see how he does in the games in august. >> thank you. there is a new hiking trail in camden county and it's thanks to theests of hard working youngsters, students from voorhees middle school were on hand for the new vikings trail in voorhees, the students constructed the trail using hand tools, the trail is more than a half mile long.
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we have wet weather on the way. most of it will be falling when
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we are asleep. >> that is pretty good and all out of here in time for the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that right now not a lot of action going on. we have a few scattered light showers across delaware and south jersey. and there is move on the way but plenty of clouds have rolled in what a difference a day makes. yesterday sky 6 showing bright blue skies and sunshine and now looking over the commodore barry bridge you see a pretty thick cloud deck and the cloud deck advancing from the south and afternoon highs depended on your location, as expected quite a bit cooler down the shore and wildwood the high of 73 degrees, newark delaware also the clouds getting there first and 76 and philadelphia made it to 83 degrees before the clouds rolled in and trenton and the lehigh valley you saw a good amount of sunshine and made it up to 84, tomorrow morning looks like we'll have showers around and good idea to allow caution and allow extra time.
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the possibility of downpours and even a rumble of thunder. in addition to heading out early a good idea to tune into "action news" as david murphy tracks the showers. right now temperatured a big range. cape may 68 degrees and allentown 81 and philadelphia in the middle 75 degrees, wilmington 74. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a lot of unsettled weather is beginning to move our way. a warm front to the south and a wave of slow pressure develops to the south and what that will do is pull off winds off the ocean and first in the form of clouds and then in the form of overnight showers, future tracker 6 showing in the evening we are looking mainly dry and plenty of cloud cover and for the phillies game and the dolly parton concert at the mann, shouldn't need your umbrellas or rain gear, that moves in after
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midnig midnight. some of that will linger into the morning commute at 8:00 and then as we head through the day we'll see a few more scattered shower and late in the day you see breaks of sunshine and the weather improving as we head into the afternoon. this is really breaking down our chances of rain. early tomorrow morning a round of rain and thunder and especially before 7:00 in the morning, during the daytime thursday a few showers with a couple of peeks of sunshine and friday morning the possibility of a brush of rain really south of philadelphia, dover, cape may is the best chance as it rolls through virginia. we have the firefly concert in dover and the festival. it's looking nice thursday showers and thunderstorms but that should happen well before the concerts start. camping on friday a few showers in the morning and saturday and sunday it doesn't get better than that. temperatures near 80 and low humidity and sunshine.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast a few showers mainly early tomorrow a high of 74 degrees on friday some rain south of philadelphia in the morning and afternoon sunshine and 80 degrees and father's day weekend looking spectacular and 82 degrees and plenty of sunshine and father's day itself we warm up to 85 degrees, we keep the low humidity and appropriate timing on monday when the summer solstice occurs, it's officially summer with a high of 90 and tuesday it gets hotter and more humid and 92 and the cold front could bring us strong to severe late day showers and thunderstorms, and behind the system it's cooler and less humid and i'll have an update on the timing of the showers coming up on "action news" at 11:00. it looks great. >> so monday it starts getting darker earlier. >> you are always so negative. >> no, that is a fact. >> the sun will not set before 8:30 until july 11th.
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there you have it. >> the radnor elementary school's fourth grade class made a special announcement at the pancake day today. the students raised more than $1500 for a service dog for a veteran with ptsd. the students did extra chores to raise the money and the dog was on hand for the friendation and the students enjoyed a pancake breakfast with their families. abc world news is next on channel 6, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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new developments as we come on the air tonight after the alligator attack at disney world. dragging a 2-year-old boy into the water. his father trying to wrestle his boy from theal gave tar. the mother getting into the water, too. the boy's body has now been found. and authorities tonight with two things families can do if an alligator attacks. also breaking tonight, for the first time, we see and hear from the orlando gunman, in this video that's now being discovered. as the fbi zeros in on his wife. what was caught on surveillance beforehand, and will she be arrested? donald trump and what he's now saying about people on the terror watch list being able to buy guns in america. he wants a meeting with the nra. the student stopping a deadly shooting spree, using pepper spray, tackling a gunman as he reloaded.


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